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Plan Your Trip To - Bali, Indonesia

Bali is fairly a budget destination. The only thing probably that will end up costing you a bomb are the flight tickets. That too if you are flying from outside of Asia. If your port of entry in Indonesia is Bali, most of the countries are offered free visa stamp on arrival valid for 30 days. 

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Bali, Indonesia - In Pictures - Get Inspired!

Am I a traveller or a tourist? I guess, I'm a little bit of both. My Bali itinerary consisted a mix of both tourist attractions and off-beaten trails. 

Hopefully, these pictures will inspire you to book your next flight to Bali!

bingin beach bali

[1] First things first, hit the beach! My friend, too eager …

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Bali, Indonesia - So Much To Offer

Sitting at Mumbai's airport waiting to board my delayed flight to Kuala Lumpur, I was thinking about my final destination - Bali. Did I put in my two-month of research into what is a typical honeymoon destination? Has Bali reached its saturation point considering it is one of the top travel destinat…

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3 Surprisingly Chic Yet Haggle-Friendly Places To Shop

I'm very excited about shopping while traveling to a new destination. It's not just about getting souvenirs back for friends and family but exploring the local fashion outlets. I'm not too keen on big brands which I know I can easily shop online at home. But every new place has got its unique style.…

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