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Make The Most Out Of Sri Lanka

When I booked my tickets to Sri Lanka, some of my friends and family were surprised by the choice. Why would someone want to travel to a country which is basically an extension of India, they thought. They were so wrong.

nuwara eliya sri lanka

Pidurutalagala - View from the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a wonderful surprise. Partly because I did not overly research for this trip. And this is something I am going to follow for my future travels. Too much information leaves nothing for you to explore.

The Island Country

Sri Lanka mesmerized me starting from the drive from the airport to Nuwara Eliya. No skyscrapers anywhere in sight. I was pulled into the slow Sri Lankan lifestyle. It is difficult for city-dwellers to make this instant switch. But isn't it why we escape from the chaos of our cities? The sense of calm that you will experience will remind you why you need to break your routine. Tall white buddha statues cornered most of the streets making my rookie spiritual soul happy.

buddha kandy sri lanka

Buddha overlooking the town of Kandy

I still can't get over the fact that how clean and green most parts of Sri Lanka are. An ideal destination for people who want to be closer to nature. The country is yet to fall for the tourist trap. But I can't promise it will remain like this for too long.

The hospitality of the locals is exceptional. You can sense the genuineness and warmth when they welcome you with open arms. Indian neighbors get special attention! Undoubtedly, the highlight of my trip will be the food cooked by the locals. If you have to take my one advice for your next trip to Sri Lanka, it will be to eat meals cooked by the locals. You will never tire out of it. In fact, I regret the time and money spent eating at popularly ranked hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor.

authentic sri lankan cuisine

I miss Sri Lankan food so much, I want to cry..

Sri Lanka is all about the feels. Like when you are having breakfast at your homestay perched on the hills of Nuwara Eliya and contemplating life. Or the sense of accomplishment you experience when you climb the rock of Sigiriya. Or when you think of how perfect the quaint beaches of Mirissa will be for your retirement. And when you land a hot crush on an Australian dude on the streets of Colombo!

Sri Lanka for Indian 'Tourists'

Even though Sri Lanka is a traveler's haven, there is nothing in it for tourists. Especially Indian tourists. Do not visit Sri Lanka if you are expecting the likes of the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower or the Statue Of Liberty. Tourists who love trotting from one monument to the other in search of the perfect display picture will be sorely disappointed. For Indians, who are expecting a 'change in the environment', this country is not too far from ours to offer you any different landscape.

weligama bay sri lanka

Driving through Weligama Bay

On the other hand, visit this island nation to fall in love with vast expanses of light blue beaches, to experience surreal sunsets and devour on culinary delights.

More details on planning your trip and itinerary to Sri Lanka, coming up on my next blog - stay tuned! 

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