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Monsoon Date With South Goa

Having fulfilled drinking, dancing and partying in Goa in our previous encounters, my friend and I decided it was now time to explore its tranquil side. 

We boarded a midnight train from Mumbai which would get us to Goa the following afternoon. To our surprise, we were greeted with splendid greenery of the Konkan route. It was worth ditching an easy one hour flight!

konkan maharashtra

Since this trip was strictly 'backpacking', we hopped on a bus from Madgaon which would take us to Palolem. Goa is well connected with local buses which are frequent. In the absence of Uber and Ola, it is quite a relief. This route was again stunning and introduces you to a rural side of Goa. 

airbnb palolem goa

We chose an Airbnb near Palolem beach as our hub which was central to all the places we wanted to visit. With 48 hours in our hand, there was a lot to accomplish. 

Palolem Beach

Day one ended with a stroll at Palolem beach, watching the sunset as we had a tiring journey and didn't want to do much. It was my second time here and I loved its vibe during the summers too. Even though this beach pulls a sizable crowd, it doesn't get as crazy as Baga. 

palolem beach goa

I always wanted to explore Goa on a scooty and this time I was lucky to have a friend with me who could ride as I'm petrified of doing it myself. Our agenda was to explore the coastal route from Cabo de Rama to Galgibaga. So the next morning, we set out on our little road trip.

The rains had brought with it lush greenery all around and a crisp weather. The tiny roads were lined with multiple shades of green trees as far as our eyes could see. It all felt surreal.

cabo de rama south goa

south goa road trip

Cabo de Rama Fort

Our first stop, Cabo de Rama fort, was quite a find. We were among the handful people at the property. Since there wasn't any tourist frenzy, you could actually find spots to sit and reflect. Most of the fort has been disintegrated but you get to see some of the ruins. There is a church here too. But the best part of the fort is the view it offers from over a cliff. Something you would not expect in Goa. There is also a tiny path which leads you down to the sea.

cabo de rama fort goa

cabo de rama goa

Next, we headed to find all the beaches on the map south of Cabo de Rama.

Cola Beach

Our first beach, Cola, led us to disappointment. The path to get there was tricky and it rained for which we weren't prepared. We reached only to find out that the tides were high. Also, all the makeshift hotel properties were shut down and it was difficult to navigate in the area. Avoid this beach during monsoon.

cola beach goa

The beach sort of has a water lagoon at shore which seemed to have been washed off due to the downpour. Maybe we will return to this one during the season time.

Agonda Beach

We were happy to find our next beach inhabited although sparsely. We rested for while at the shore with the sight of ferocious waves. I think the beach must be buzzing during the season time since there were few settlements nearby.

It was then time to grab some lunch and head back to our room for a quick nap.

agonda beach goa

Slightly drained out with our day excursion, we were feeling lazy. However, our determination to tick off all the beaches from our list got us back on the road.

Colomb Beach

It was a slightly rocky and tiny beach so we did not spend much time here and drove past it. Basically, a small cliff separates it from the adjacent Patnem beach.

colomb beach goa

Patnem Beach

My fondest memory of this beach was being greeted by a couple of dogs at the entrance and accompanied by them as we walked along the shore. Little did they know that we didn't have any food for them.

patnem beach goa

Rajbagh Beach

The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort is set alongside this beach and you might wonder whether this is a private beach while getting here but it's not. Although the beach pulls mostly guests from the resort, it was still very sparsely crowded and clean too which we liked. We managed to find a nice spot to sit and devour on our coconut cake while watching the sunset.

rajbagh beach goa

With that, it was the end of day 2. We got dinner near Palolem and promised ourselves to rise early and head to the remaining 2 beaches further down south.  

Talpona Beach

I was ecstatic on reaching Talpona. Like I found something unreal. The beach was lined with Pine trees (which is what I think they are called) and was so picturesque. It's one of the cleanest beaches I've been in India and I've been to a LOT of them (22 in 2017!). There was not a soul in sight, just us and the lifeguard. Just the sound of the sea. Just the glistening sand below our feet. It was one of those perfect travel moments.

talpona beach goa

One day I hope to return and spend more time at Talpona which is unarguably my new favorite beach in Goa!

Galgibaga Beach

It was a bittersweet feeling as we reached our last beach of the trip, Galgibaga. Also known for its turtle nesting site, similar to Talpona, it was quiet and peaceful here too. We spent some time at the shore to fully come to terms with the end of our trip. 

galgibaga beach goa

The entire South Goan stretch is a biker's delight. And if you are a fan of road trips, this is a good place to explore. Some routes could be tricky to get your cars into, therefore, a bike is your best bet.

Traveling Off Season

If you are like me who has a phobia of crowds then traveling offseason is a boon. You can move at your own pace, be at peace, and not have loud Indian families killing your mood. It is also relatively cheaper to find accommodation and transport. This trip expense was a total of INR 5,000 / USD 80 (all inclusive).

It does have certain challenges too. On this trip of ours, we couldn't find one decent meal. For someone who considers food an essential part of travel, I was a little disheartened. Most of the popular beach shacks were shut. Since we were constantly on the road, we didn't get much time to research either. And yes, the downpour. Be prepared to alter your plans if that happens.

Only we could have pulled off something as crazy as this!

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