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Plan Your Trip To - Bali, Indonesia

Bali is fairly a budget destination. The only thing probably that will end up costing you a bomb are the flight tickets. That too if you are flying from outside of Asia. If your port of entry in Indonesia is Bali, most of the countries are offered free visa stamp on arrival valid for 30 days. 

For backpackers - Don't let the western influence scare you, there is still scope for you to explore the island with cheap yet quality accommodation and food. You can arrange your stay with the locals, where they rent out a room for you and also provide you with meals.

For luxury travellers - You can live lavishly on the island since the IDR stands low. Book a sea-side villa with infinity pools, hire a personal driver, indulge in various spa treatments and party at the most scenic locations.

I am neither a backpacker nor a luxury traveller, I fall somewhere in-between. I like to experience the best of both worlds! I spent a total 1,000 USD (all inclusive) for my 7 nights / 8 days stay in Bali, you can spend far less. My driver fees, accommodation and food costs were split with the two friends I was travelling with.

We researched a lot about the island through various travel blogs and the active TripAdvisor forums and received satisfactory answers to most of our questions.

saraswati temple ubud bali

Saraswati Temple - Ubud, Bali

Here's how you can plan your next trip to Bali -

  1. Accommodation

    villa seminyak bali

    Our private villa in Seminyak, Bali

    If you aren't too dependent on the services provided by the Hotels, then for a budget of 50 USD per night you can book a lavish private villa for your stay in Bali. We booked all our accommodation through Airbnb and it surpassed all expectations. Our stay was the major highlight of the trip since it allowed us to indulge in luxury (with our very own private pools), mingle with the locals and gorge on some scrumptious local delicacies. 

    Get 20 USD off on your first booking if you register your account through my referral link.

  2. Food

    balinese cuisine

    Authentic Balinese cuisine prepared by our local Airbnb hosts

    Even before we took the trip, we shortlisted cafes on Zomato Bali and our meals consisted a mix of western and local food so that we don't get bored of eating too much of one thing. However, after our trip ended, we were regretting not having more of Balinese cuisine because it was that delicious and flavorful! If you budget for 20 USD per day, you can have 3 wholesome meals at the local Warungs and mid-range restaurants. Tipping is optional. If you plan to head to clubs every night, you need to account for a higher budget. Places like Rock Bar can be heavy on the pocket so you can probably just go there to get the feel of the place and order a couple of drinks and eat your meal outside.

  3. Transport

    bali driver

    Say hi to Made! Our driver in South Bali 

    We were lucky to meet 3 great drivers during our trip who ensured that we had a comfortable journey throughout. It is quite affordable to hire a personal driver if you are in a group of 3 or more. For day trips of 8-10 hours, we paid our drivers 40 USD. They speak broken English but we could easily communicate. Tipping is optional. Be ready to bargain since some of them will quote you high prices. You can contact one of our drivers, Gusti Arya on his Facebook page. If you are laying low for the day and only heading out to eat or run errands then you can use the service of My Blue Bird taxi app. It's just like Uber but more popular and accessible than Uber. Bikes and cars are available for rental provided you have the necessary paperwork / licenses to drive. People in Bali drive safely and follow all the rules. We did not experience any road rage and the roads even in the villages were well-maintained.

    Apart from this we took a day trip to the Gili T island and paid 50 USD for a return ticket on a fast-boat from Amed. I thought I was going to die but my friends enjoyed the ride and loved the experience of the fast-boat. We used Free Bird Express to book our tickets. 

Still have questions? I'll be happy to answer them in the comments :)

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