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The Mysterious Boulder Town - Hampi, Karnataka

I was always intrigued looking at pictures of Hampi. How the hell did so many rocks stack themselves up without falling apart, I wondered. The place seemed to have certain mysteriousness to it. I couldn't wait to be there. So when my friend asked me to join one fine long weekend, I jumped at the opportunity. I was finally going to be in boulder town!

hampi karnataka india

The land is known to be one of the oldest exposed surfaces on earth. The small rocks were all once part of a massive rock. Due to erosion and the consequent metamorphosis, we see its current formation. And if you thought this is in a certain small section, you are wrong - it's spread across a wide region leaving you spellbound! There is a different story according to Hindu mythology but I would like to believe in this one ;)

I was in Hampi during the monsoons and the expanse was filled with green. I'm sure it'll be a visual delight to visit in summers too. It kind of spookishly reminded me of the desert where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman first cooked meth.

Getting there

People traveling from Mumbai and Bangalore, usually take an overnight bus to Hospet. After arriving at Hospet, hop on a local bus which will take you to Hampi. It's quite convenient unless you have excess baggage. Buses are frequent and way cheaper than auto rickshaws.


There aren't many luxury accommodations inside Hampi. I could spot only 1 or 2. However, there are many guest houses and homestays.

Hampi is divided into 2 sides by the river Tungabhadra. There is the Temple Town and the Hippie Island. You could divide your stay into 2 nights on either side. 3-4 days are good enough to explore most of the sites.  

If you are a seasoned traveler, you could look for accommodation on arrival. And depending on your bargaining skills, you could land a stay for as low as INR 400 / $6. The rooms are very basic though. I've tried quite a few and found the Laughing Buddha Guest House very hospitable. 

You could choose hotels near Kamlapura or Hospet if you don't want to compromise on accommodation but they are a little further from all the action.

Not To Be Missed 

Tour guides and auto rickshaws are available in plenty to take you sightseeing on major tourist spots of temples and ruins. I haven't tried it as I am not a fan of tour guides. To experience the enormity of Hampi, simply hire a two-wheeler and set out to explore the town. No maps or GPS required.

I'm simply going to mention some of my favorites here which you shouldn't miss!

1. Sunset At Hemakuta Hill

hemakuta hill hampi

2. Sunrise At Matanga Hill

matanga hill hampi

3. Short Drive To Vittala Temple

vittala temple hampi

4. Sunset At Hanuman Temple, Anjeyanadri Hill

hanuman temple hampi

5. Short Drive To Sanapur Lake

sanapur lake hampi

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Small Rant

I feel like I'm repeating this on all my blogs. And I guess I'm never coming to terms with it in spite of traveling frequently. That most of the places are deteriorating. Some of the factors are natural while mostly its due to the human factors. What could be preserved as India's unique natural offering to the travel world will soon be in shambles. Not sure if the government is doing enough to maintain this 'UNESCO World Heritage Site'. So maybe your best bet is to visit before it's all over. Don't be surprised to be greeted with filth though.

Rant over.

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