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Where To Eat - Hampi, Karnataka

You don't expect a place like Hampi to delight your taste buds. A region which seems still underdeveloped to cope with the tourist frenzy.

As you arrive in Hampi, you'll notice many shacks similar to Goa. The difference being, I've never quite had a good meal in Goa YET. Probably because I'm a vegetarian? I'm not giving up though.

The town is filled with establishments setup up by immigrants and some local families which serve mostly vegetarian food. You have a variety of spread including South Indian delicacies, Continental, American and Mediterranean cuisine. While most of them serve strictly below average food, here's a list of my favorite places to eat at in Hampi, Karnataka:

  1. Funkey Monkey

    funkey monkey hampi

    I briefly stayed in the guest house which is a part of Funkey Monkey. The cafe is located on the rooftop with a view of distant boulders. Just look at how cozy the place is! I have spent hours lying lazily, reading and gorging on some amazing food from breakfast to dinner. It's also a great place to meet fellow travelers from all around the world. Don't miss their breakfast spread. My favorites here - carrot cake and lemon nana (lemon and mint drink, truly refreshing!).  
  2. Mango Tree

    mango tree hampi

    If you are craving for some desi food, head to Mango Tree. It's one of the biggest restaurants out there and very popular with local and foreign tourists. The service is great too with a lively ambiance. Don't forget to try their special thali! 
  3. Suresh Restaurant

    suresh restaurant hampi

    Right next to Mango Tree is a blink-and-miss restaurant by Suresh serving home-made pasta. We read about it in other blogs and couldn't wait to try it. And our verdict? Don't leave Hampi without trying the pasta here! I miss it so much just thinking about it :( 
  4. Laughing Buddha

    laughing buddha hampi

    Just one restaurant from the Hippie Island made it to this list. Since the food and place was so good, I didn't want to go anywhere else. It's set slightly on a cliff overlooking the temple town and the river. A day visit will give you the best view. They have a variety of options to choose from but picking continental is your best bet.

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I want to put a special mention to all the Annas serving breakfast early morning from their cycle cart. If you want the best value for your buck, have idlis here.

Hope you like these places as much as I did :)


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