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Where To Eat - Udaipur, Rajasthan

My biggest motivation to travel to Udaipur was the food. I had not been to the state of Rajasthan before and Rajasthani cuisine majorly consists of dry food items which are my personal favorites. So more than visiting the palaces and temples, I was looking forward to my meals in Udaipur.

Vegetarians will have plenty of options here. I was traveling with a non-vegetarian friend and she never once complained about missing meat. The food was that delicious! You get to choose from elaborate thalis, rooftop restaurants, and lakeside cafes.

Here are places where you can eat at in Udaipur, Rajasthan for less than INR 500 / $10 per person:

  1. Natraj Dining Hall
    natraj dining hall udaipur

    Every Udaipur trip should start with a meal at Natraj. The food is simple, soulful and inexpensive. It is served in the thali system and is unlimited. They serve Indian items only and nothing extravagant. Service is quick and friendly. More info.

  2. Krishna Dal Bati Restro
    krishna dal bati udaipur

    Dal Baati is one of the popular dishes of Rajasthan and quite close to its roots. Visit Krishna Restro to try this authentic food item in the thali system. I was looking forward to trying this out as I had never eaten it before. Dal Baati is served as the main food item and is accompanied by churma, chutney, buttermilk and a few other side items. Frankly, I didn't quite enjoy this thali as much as the others as Dal Baati was overpowering it completely. Also, there is a particular way of eating it which we may not have got it right. If you are a fan of this dish, you must definitely visit. More info.

  3. Gordhan Thal
    gordhan thal udaipur

    Gordhan Thal came across as a slightly premium thali outlet. They serve Rajasthani and Gujarati items. They also served Dal Baati in a smaller portion which I enjoyed better than Krishna Restro. The overall experience at Gordhan was delightful and I can't wait to try their thali in Ahmedabad. More info.

  4. Millets of Mewar
    Courtesy: Millets of Mewar Facebook page

    If you tire out of eating too much Indian (which I highly doubt!) or you want to try a place which serves continental breakfast, you can visit Millets of Mewar. This place offers gluten-free, vegan and healthy options. They serve herbal teas, healthy shakes, pancakes and much more for breakfast. It's a pretty cool place to spend a lazy morning with friends as it has a nice view of the lake. More info.

  5. Jagdish Misthan Bhandar (JMB)
    jmb udaipur

    Our last stop before we headed home was JMB. We picked up sweets for our families and friends and they were well received. JMB has a good variety of snacking food items like kachori, vada, samosa, fafda and khaman. More info.

While strolling the streets of Udaipur, you will come across many rooftop and lakeside cafes/restaurants. They seem quite inviting but most places serve average food. We visited Upré by 1559 AD for dinner one night and ended up paying an exorbitant bill for ordinary food. This rooftop restaurant had a stunning view of the City Palace. But do you want to pay a price just for a good view?
On another night, when we found ourselves broke after splurging on luxury, we headed to try our luck with the street food. To our surprise, we had one of the best aloo parathas with curd. The cost of this dinner was INR 50 / $1 for 2 people!!! This has to be the craziest deal of our trip. 

Our friends suggested us to try Ambrai which we couldn't due to our limited duration of the trip. For more options to plan your trip in Udaipur, visit Zomato.

Hope you have a happy food trail on your trip to this city of lakes :)


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