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Why You Should Choose Airbnb For Your Next Vacation

Many people I know are still unaware of Airbnb's concept. Few other people are perplexed at the thought of, 'Eww. How do we stay at a stranger's apartment on our holiday?'.

I don't blame them. Every new product takes time till it is fully accepted in the market. Especially when hotels have been an indispensable part of everyone's travels for years.

amed bali airbnb
Only at Airbnb: Unmatched Views

Undoubtedly, hotels are the most convenient option because of the host of services they offer. Alternatively, hostels provide you with cheap accommodation and an opportunity to meet fellow travellers. I feel that Airbnb is well suited for people looking for experiential travel. Where else would you have your host lovingly prepare local cuisine? Where else would get a chance to live like the locals and learn about their culture?

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Well, let me break this to you - Airbnb is more than just 'living in a stranger's apartment!'. As per Airbnb, this is what they offer - Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries.

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Only at Airbnb: Fresh Water Pools

If you book your accommodation through Airbnb, on most occasions, you'll end up saving on costs. It is quite affordable but also depends on what location you are looking at. Hotels are geographically widespread. However, you might not necessarily find one if you plan to visit a remote location. That's when you know who to turn to. For example, we happen to chance upon an Airbnb in one of the villages in East Bali. The experience was unmatched to any hotel we had stayed so far.

Then comes the question of safety. Although, while you are travelling nothing really is 100% safe. People have had bad experiences in hotels and hostels as well. It all depends on how alert and aware you are. Read Airbnb's policies carefully which protects both guests and hosts in the case when something goes wrong.

Tips on choosing accommodation through Airbnb

  1. Read up. A LOT.

    Before fixing on a particular accommodation I tend to read up everything that is there about the property. I make sure I go through the complete profile details. See the amenities listed on the profile. Check for every comment on the property. I check on how recent the comments are. Airbnb does a great job on authenticating the comments and making sure it's by people who have used the service. Check up on the host profile and verifications. Check for host's other listings and the comments there. Look for properties which have a lot of pictures published so that you get an idea of what you are going to pay for.
  2. Talk to the host

    Even though some of the hosts carefully list down all the details on the property on their respective profiles, there are still certain questions that you shouldn't hesitate to ask. Will there be hot water in the bath? Is the food mart nearby? Can they arrange for an airport pickup? Get an idea about the exact location of the property and whether it is near to all the activities you have planned for the trip. Talk to the host about how the neighbourhood is and how to get around.  
  3. Treat the property as your own

    Airbnb is built on trust. Some of the hosts are offering you their homes. By not taking care of their property you are not only jeopardising your future Airbnb stays but also it is morally incorrect. Once you review a property, the hosts also get to review the guests. So a good behaviour goes a long way. It would be a good idea to bring a small token of appreciation for your host from your hometown for allowing you to stay in their lovely property and providing you with good service.
  4. Cancellation policy

    This is an important point to consider while booking through Airbnb especially if the trip that you have planned is tentative. Depending on what your host has listed (flexible, moderate or strict), you'll be charged in the case of cancellation. 
  5. Go with your gut

    Sometimes, even after all the good reviews and beautiful pictures of the property, it might not seem the right place for you. I know I wouldn't ever opt for a property which has newly entered the market and hasn't been reviewed by guests before. But you might really like some of the new properties and if your interactions with the hosts have gone well it could be a good idea to go for it if it feels the right thing to do.
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Only at Airbnb: Villas with Private Pools

Are you well convinced to choose Airbnb for your next trip? ;)  

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